Talk The Talk (adolescents)

CHF 40.00

A language learning program that is fun and efficient for adolescents!

Talk The Talk was designed with adolescents’ social life in mind. It concentrates on words and phrases that young people need in their social conversations. The vocabulary is useful and up-to-date. It allows them to gain confidence, and they can compare their accent with that of a native speaker.

Since it is intended for young people who do not yet have broad experience in the language, the audio is clearly pronounced at an easy-to-follow speed.

Languages available: French, English and Swiss German. For all other languages, please contact C&O Distribution.

Technical specifications

- Windows 2000 or more recent
- Mac OSX 10.3.9 or higher
- CD-ROM reader (+PC microphone)
- Possibility of uploading words onto an iPod
- Languages available: French, English, Swiss German
- Other languages available upon request





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