Talk More

CHF 44.00

Need to boost your confidence in foreign languages? Talk More will help you!

You already speak a little, but you don’t have enough confidence in your ability to hold a conversation? Talk More will increase your confidence! Since it is intended for those have recently begun to study a language, the language used is pronounced very clearly at a speed you will find easy to follow.

The recording function of Talk More allows you to compare your accent to that of a native speaker. It’s perfect for increasing your confidence in oral communication.

Languages available on the “shop”: German and French. For all other languages, please contact C&O Distribution.
Technical specifications

- Windows 2000 or more recent
- Mac OSX 10.3.9 or higher
- CD-ROM reader (+PC microphone)
- Possibility of uploading words onto an iPod
- Languages available: German, French
- Other languages available upon request





Several color choices available


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